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Flat Garage Roof Renovation in Worthing: Quality Roofing Services by Our Expert Roofers

Our Worthing-based roofing company recently completed a project of renovating a flat garage roof. This article presents a comprehensive guide to our process, shedding light on the high standards our roofers maintain when handling flat roof garage renovations.

Materials Used by Our Expert Worthing Roofers:

  • Felt: IKO Undertile
  • Felt: Torch On Roofing Felt Underlay
  • Felt: Torch-On Mineral Felt
  • Roofing felt nails
  • Planks for roofing formwork

Procedure Adopted for Flat Roof Garage Renovation in Worthing:

  1. To start the roofing renovation, our professional roofers in Worthing first had to remove the stone chippings that protected the flat garage roof against UV radiation.

  2. The team then cut through the waterproof asphalt layer that formed the primary waterproof barrier. This layer, often as much as 5 cm thick, consists of multiple layers of Torch-On Mineral Felt.

  3. Our experienced Worthing roofers meticulously checked the roof formwork for any signs of rot from years of leakage. Any rotten planks were replaced with new ones, ensuring a firm roof.

  4. On the repaired formwork, we unrolled the first strip of IKO Undertile. Serving as a fireproof layer, this protects the items stored under the flat garage roof from potential fire hazards.

  5. The second layer, Torch On Roofing Felt Underlay, was applied next. This fully waterproof layer offers robust protection to your flat garage roof.

  6. Lastly, our roofers added a final layer of Torch-On Mineral Felt, forming a sturdy, primary waterproof layer that provides water resistance for 15 to 30 years.

  7. Post completion of the flat roof garage renovation, we cleaned up the surrounding area, leaving no trace of work behind.

If you're looking for reliable roofers in Worthing for flat roof garage renovations or any other roofing services, our team of experts always strives to provide top-quality, professional services. We take pride in our work and appreciate the trust our Worthing customers place in us.

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